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We were Harajuku before Harajuku was cool!

So, Harajuku this!

Harajuku This!!
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The community is about you and what you like about Japanese Street Fashion. What fashion style do you evoke the most? Are there really set rules that you have to follow in order to "cosplay" or "re-create" these styles, or is Street Fashion what you make of it? Are you inspired for a bit, then take off into your own sense of style and creativity? Share your photos, opinions, scans, or anything that you agree or disagree with about Japanese Street Fashion.

Rules: Unfortunately due to commenters who have no lives and must seek refuge in making fun of others, I have to approve the users and their comments. Don't find this alarming, everyone can join! There is one, and they know who they are, now they are famous for it, are they happy?

1. Please place all images under lj cut, believe me we will all look at them.

2. Opinions are most definately allowed. I am going with the consitution of the United States.

3. Please no "constructive criticism" I'm not very fond of people who think they know everything about Japanese Fashion and tell others what to do, what to wear, and how to do it. Let people experiment with what they're doing and let them have fun, if they like what they're wearing, then more power to them! Nobody wants to get hurt by strangers on the internet.

4. Have fun! Show us your styles, make-up, hair, shoes, whatever. Brag if you like, I know I do!!

5. No nudie nudie, of course!

6. Scans are certainly allowed.

Ah yes, and just a small note, I HATE Gwen Stefani. If you'd like to talk about how much you like her and stuff, be my guest, but be prepared to know a lot of us do not like her and will express her opinions about it as well.